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New Website for Calshot

Today we are inviting friends of Calshot to explore our brand new staging website. Designed for a simplistic, user-friendly experience, this new website features improved navigation and functionality. 

Our existing website has been hauled into the twenty-first century and entirely re-designed. While in keeping with modern trends, our stylish aesthetics are in keeping with a nostalgic past. This new fresh look still manages to maintain its heritage undertones, as reflected throughout Calshots career.

Our purpose for modernisation is built around the specific need to keep our supporters fully apprised with the latest developments. We have launched our newsletter offering to do just that, helping to maximise the opportunity of keeping in touch with those interested in the survival of the ship. This in itself will feature a rich modern theme, mirroring the ships elegant art-deco undertones. 

With the launch of a new website, comes the beginning of a brand new news system. 

In time, this journal will contain a wide array of rich content, including the latest articles, restoration progress, press releases, archived newsletters and new product launches. 

Meanwhile, visitors can now view an array of photographs, both new and old, while also managing to explore the new video archive. Discover the Calshot providing a funeral at sea in 1936, or assisting the RMS Queen Elizabeth in the 1950s. 

If you have any suggestions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly via the Contact page. We endeavor to reply to all messages within 24 to 48 hours, and would love to welcome any ideas you may have.

For more information, please subscribe to our newsletter, or discover us over on social media. It's full ahead on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

Cygnus Sponsors the Calshot Trust with a Cygnus 4+

Thanks to the generosity of Cygnus Instruments, the Tender Tug Calshot Trust have been successfully able to measure the thickness of the steel plating, at this crucial time in the vessels life.

Back in April 2020, the new Directors of Calshot realised they needed to gain an accurate picture of the ship, which meant measuring the thickness of the ships steel. We decided to reach out to Cygnus Instruments Limited and ask about the price of hiring a suitable gauge for the job.

Cygnus Sponsors the Calshot
Cygnus Sponsors the Calshot

Cygnus saw the merit of restoring the Calshot to become seaworthy again, and thanks to their belief in our vision, they decided to donate a multi-mode Cygnus 4+ ultrasonic thickness gauge. It has become the perfect tool for gauging an accurate measuring through Calshot's various coats of paint, and heavily corroded steel work.

We are incredibly grateful to Cygnus for their ongoing support, with work now firmly underway to gain an accurate picture of the vessels condition.

Cygnus Sponsors the Calshot
Cygnus Sponsors the Calshot

Please check out Cygnus Gauges Limited by clicking here.

Further updates to follow.