R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth Film & Cinema EXPLORE ARCHIVE FOOTAGE

Commodore Sir Edgar Britten

This historic piece of footage was recorded in 1936 and shows the Calshot in her second lively, as she carries the Commodore to his final resting place – a burial at sea. Her ensign flies at half mast as members of the crew and family come aboard, sailing out into the Solent fog.

RMS Queen Elizabeth

In this video piece from 1954 the Calshot can be seen in multiple takes with the RMS Queen Elizabeth. Throughout their lifetime the Calshot’s story has been deeply entwined with the Queen Elizabeth, in both Peacetime and War.

RMS Titanic

Filmed on April 10th 2012, this five minute film captured the Calshot as she led a flotilla memorial to the RMS Titanic. In an event that was broadcasted around the World, the Calshot sailed from Southampton one-hundred years after the ocean liner set off on her maiden voyage.

Due to her age, the Calshot still posses the exact same boilers that were built and used aboard the RMS Titanic and Olympic.